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The City of Light is perfect for cultural activities and eating out. Because of its historical and artistic patrimony, Paris is for many one of the five most beautiful cities in Europe, so it has to be visited at least once in a lifetime. Let yourself be taken in by the beauty of Paris and discover its most special hidden spots

What to see in Paris?

Before arriving in Paris, it’s important to plan your moves around this unique city that will allow you to discover the most attractive monuments of many different historical eras. You can use the large public transport network to move around the city. You should check the underground, RER, bus and taxi guides before embarking on your trip.

Do not miss…

The Louvre Museum

Throughout its history, it has become one of the most famous art galleries in the world because of the great value of the artworks in its collection

Le Palais Royal

Situated next to the Louvre, it’s a unique building of surprising beauty. It’s worth a visit

The Opera

The Paris Opera was built using different materials: stone, bronze and marble that that were combined to produce a blend of architectural styles that make it unique

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is the iconic symbol of the city of Paris. Visiting Paris and not climbing up the Eiffel Tower is almost unthinkable

Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame is a cathedral full of history. We’d recommend taking a guided tour around the inside of the cathedral and go up to admire a close view of its famous gargoyles

La Sainte Chapelle

This international gem of the Gothic period stands out among all the other churches of different periods that you can find all over Paris

The Latin Quarter

This area was named after the students of the Sorbonne University who used to live here in medieval times and communicated in Latin

Les Invalides

It is situated very close the Military Academy and the Field of Mars (Champ de Mars) and it is also a must-see. Les Invalides is another of the emblematic monuments of this great city

La place des Vosges

Le Marais is a charming area that represents the authentic Paris


Where will you find the best views of Paris? From the Hill of Chaillot, of course

The Champs Elysées and the Arc de Triomph

The Arc de Triomph and the wide avenue it presides over, a busy and lively avenue full of shopping opportunities, are one of the best images of Paris

The Pompidou Centre

It proved very controversial when it was inaugurated in the 70s with its industrial design and its bright colours, however, nowadays this unique building is very popular and it’s always very busy

What else is there to see in Paris?

Visiting Paris doesn’t just mean seeing monuments, buildings and soak in the atmosphere and culture of the city, but it also means leisure, shopping and eating out: crêpes and fondues, bistros and restaurants. Paris is also well-known around the world because of the Disneyland Resort Paris, a magical place where children and grown-ups will be taken in by the magic of the world of Disney, something that you shouldn’t miss.